The world is now less wealthy, and less wise.

He was one of those exceptional persons with who one doesn’t have a close relationship with, but leaves a mark. Somehow they are special.

I remember such a great time I had playing with him being a child. I remember last time I saw him, and it was in a burial. At that time I hadn’t seen him for the last months, years I would say, but it seemed time didn’t pass since we saw each other long time ago.
This day I was so happy to see him, to enjoy such a good person he was, with his broken voice that always says nice words. He was sad because his son died a year ago, and we were in a burial. But there was him talking about anything else and suffering the sadness inside.

Today he died by accident. I couldn’t speak when they told me. I didn’t know it could affect me so much, since I wasn’t that close to him, but it does.

Death is unfair, and it hurts. That’s how it is. I don’t believe in something that might help me on this situation. I only think that it is fucking unfair, and not nice. Today is a sad day. We lost another great person. The world is now less wealthy, and less wise.


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